Swap column values in Mysql

As we know MySql is one of the popular databases used these days, we would be discussing about one issue I faced recently and thought to share the solution for someone facing the same issue, swap column values in MySql.

I was trying to insert profile id and userid into a table but, by mistake, I inserted profileid into userid, since table was having thousands of records, thinking of changing every row was a difficult task. I found an easier solution, instead of changing rows value, I thought to Swap Column values and I did it, just by using simple MySql query.


Idea is to use a temporary variable to store values temporally and swap them. Below is how, we can achieve this:

UPDATE TABLE_NAME SET userid =(@temporary:= userid), userid = profileid, profileid = @ temporary;

Above query will swap values of two columns and you don’t need to worry about rows.

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