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In my earlier post I discussed about Keyboard Shortcuts where I described some magical Keyboard Shortcuts which we use in our daily life. In this post we will see some Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts.  We are so addicted these days to Social media sites that we can’t even imagine our life without them. What if we could speed up our browsing? social media keyboard shortcutsWe use these Social media websites everyday but there would be few people aware of this fact that these Social media websites have some nice keyboard shortcuts, these keyboard shortcuts can make your browsing and navigation faster. For example if you want to see your profile while browsing through Facebook rather than clicking on your name you just need to use “Alt+ 2”. Below tables will have shortcuts for four major Social media websites: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

Let us first understand what keyboard shortcuts are: Keyboard shortcuts are combination of keys which substitute the menu, link or interface. It helps you to reach to a specific location, page or functionality. it saves you from lot of clicking and saves your time.

Getting used to these shortcuts might need some time but believe me, it is worth.

Social media Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts
Alt + ? Search
Alt + m Write new message
Alt + 1Go to Home page
Alt + 2Go to Your profile
Alt + 3View Friend requests
Alt + 4view your messages
Alt + 5View Notifications
Alt + 6Go to General Account settings page
Alt + 7Go to Privacy settings and Tools
Alt + 8View Facebook’s Facebook page
Alt + 9View Facebook’s Terms and Policies
Alt + 0Facebook help center
LLike or Unlike photo
Left and right arrow keys: Skip back and forth between photos

Note: On Mac PC, replace Ctrl + Option with Alt. In case you are using Firefox, use Function + Ctrl.

Social media Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts
/ Select the search box at the top of the page
Left ArrowNavigate to the icons on the left (such as Home or Photos)
Up and Down ArrowScroll between icons
EnterOpen the selected page
Right ArrowNavigate from the icons on the left side to the main page
Up and Down ArrowScroll the main page up and down
j Move to the post above the current post
k Move to the post below the current post
n Move to the next comment on the current post
p Move to the previous comment on the current post
r Comment on the current post
? Open the full list of keyboard shortcuts


Social media Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts
J and K Go to next and previous tweets
EnterGo down or close a selected tweet
Space Page down
Shift+space Page up
/Go to the search
.Refresh and go back to top
G then HGo to home
G then RGo to your replies
G then PGo to your profile
G then FGo to your favorites
G then MGo to your direct messages
G then Usearch to find any user’s timeline
FMaking a tweet favorite
RReply to a tweet
MSend a direct message
Ncompose new tweet
EscapeCancel compose window or Dismiss help window


Social media Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts
SpacebarPlay or Pause
Left ArrowRewind
Right ArrowFast forward
Up ArrowIncrease Volume
Down ArrowDecrease Volume
FFull screen
EscExit full screen
Digit 0 – 9Seek video to 10% to 90%


One very interesting Youtube feature: While any youtube video is buffering or loading, click into the video and tap on the arrow key and you are ready to play “Snake”.

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