Keyboard Shortcuts


Hi All, here I am sharing a very interesting post which would not only help you to avoid using mouse but also makes your job easier, faster and efficient. If you want faster way to accomplish your job, here are some Keyboard Shortcuts which I often use.


Keyboard Shortcuts

What it does

SHIFT + DelDelete item permanently
F2(function key) Rename selected item
F3Search files or folder
F4Open address bar in window explorer or Internet Explorer
F5Refresh active window
F6Move cursor to address bar
F7Spell check
F8To enter startup menu in Safe Mode
F10Activates the menu bar of an open application
F11Full screen mode
F12Save As window in Microsoft word
ALT + EnterViwe properties of selected item
CTRL + ASelect all
ALT + F4Close the current Application or window
ALT + SpacebarOpen shortcut menus for the active window
CTRL + ESCOpen start menu
CTRL + Bmake selected text Bold
CTRL + UMake selected text underlined
CTRL + IMake selected text Italic
ALT + First letter of a menu nameOpen the corresponding menu
CTRL + Down ArrowMove cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph
CTRL+UP ArrowMove cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph
CTRL+Shift + ArrowkeyHighlight a block Text
CTRL+Shift+F9Remove all hyperlinks in word
CTRL + F4Close the active window or document
ALT + TabSwitch between the open applications
Backspace Go to previous page of a browser or one level up in windows explorer


Hope you like this post about Windows Keyboard Shortcuts, I will come up with other Keyboard Shortcuts for advanced user.

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